The Ins And Outs Of Different Tattoo Needles

The Ins And Outs Of Different Tattoo Needles

When choosing the best type of needle for a body tattoo, you have many options, including Kwadron needles. Magnums, curved magnums, and round shaders are a few options. Read on to learn more about each and which is best for your tattoo. Weaving magnums and bugpins are also common choices. Magnums are a type of needle with a longer taper than shaders and require fewer passes to cover an area than flat ones.

Stacked magnum needles:

There are two types of tattoo needles: round and curved. Round magnums have two rows and are more flexible than the more rigid shader needles. They are used for shading, blending, and filling large areas. The round and curved magnums have an arching tip to help distribute the ink evenly and cause less skin damage. They are also more expensive than the curved type.

Round needles:

For body tattoos, round needles are the most commonly used equipment. They come in different configurations and are often grouped in groups of three or more. Round needles are also referred to as liners and shadows. They are also called aero markers because their blades resemble an aeroplane propeller. Among these, round liner needles are best for the lining. In addition, they are a better choice for tattoos in smaller areas.

Curved magnum needles:

When you’re inked up, you’ll likely want to choose a body tattoo needle with a curved shape. Curved magnum needles are designed with this in mind and are often the most comfortable. There are a few key differences between curved and center needles. One difference is the number of rows. While the top row of needles can cover the entire area in a single shot, the bottom row should be shorter than the top.


Tattoo artists use different types of needles for different styles of body art. For example, magnum needles come in varying diameters, while bugpins are smaller in diameter. Although smaller in diameter, they are often preferred for shading work. This is a topic of much debate among artists, and one method of determining which needle to use depends on the tattoo’s style. For beginners, consider the pros and cons of both types of needles before you make your decision.

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